Washer / Dryer Repair

Your washer is always cleaning up after you and sometimes you need to clean up after it. If your washer just decided to fail on you and you need someone from Del City to fix it, well you’re in luck, because we will gladly fix it for you. Our team can fix the problem for you in no time!


Basic Maintenance Tips

Here are a few tips you can follow. If you want your machine to continue to run smoothly you should follow these tips. Anything that requires you to do more than what is on this list means you should give us a call.


  • Clear that drain filter: Every month, to avoid having your machine flood, you should clear out your drain filter. It takes only two minutes to fix it!
  • Clear the lint filter: Your machine is pretty good at reminding you when it’s time to clear out your lint filter. What we recommend is to clean it out after every second or third wash.
  • Run hot cycles: As you continue to wash your clothes you will gradually have a film that builds up inside the machine. This can lead to your washer performing poorly and will make your clothes smell bad. Be sure to run your machine on a hot cycle with no clothes once a month to overcome this

It doesn’t take long to perform those steps we mentioned above. You can save your appliance just by doing those! So, when should you call us? We’ll list down below when you should give us a call.


Machine Isn’t Turning On

Make sure everything is plugged in properly and check the outlets! If that’s not working, call us.


Will Not Drain Properly

There are a few possibilities if the drain isn’t properly draining. Make sure the drain isn’t clogged and also make sure the hose where the water drains from isn’t clogged as well. If any of those are clogged give us a call.


Will Not Spin

Please check the cycle you’ve chosen to see if it’s on soak by accident. If that’s the case resetting it will fix this problem. Make sure to also check if your machine isn’t overloaded.



Call us so we can come over and fix your leaking appliance. It’s usually not a big deal!


Your Washing Machine Is Shaking

Please check:

  • If you have removed the stabilizer blocks if it’s new
  • The floor below is leveled
  • Feet are correctly positioned; most machines will be able to do this
  • There’s a balanced load and it’s not overloaded

If it’s still not working just give us a call!



If your machine is making a noise that you’re unfamiliar with you should first check to see if it’s unbalanced. Make sure to also check to see if there’s nothing like sneakers or coins that are causing the sounds.

Will Not Complete Cycle

The timer probably has worn out and we suggest you don’t try to fix this problem. We can do that for you.

Want You Machine Repaired Now?

Please contact us by phone or check out our website so you can schedule an appointment with us. There’s nothing worse than not being able to wash your clothes. We can gladly solve the problem for you.