Oven Repair

We are always getting complaints about ovens igniting assembly or their heating elements. We know that you need to get your oven repaired as soon as possible so you can get back to cooking those flawless dinners or baking that tasty cake. That’s why you should give us a call so you aren’t waiting any longer for great service.

All you have to do is call Chuck’s Appliance Repair – A caring, professional, hardworking team located in Del City, Oklahoma. We will gladly send you one of our fine seasonal workers who have the training and the skills necessary to fix your broken oven.

What they can do is inspect the oven, assess the problem, and give you a detailed explanation of what is going on with your appliance. What they can also do is offer you a great quote that has no hidden fees.


You don’t have to worry about the problem, whether it is your oven not heating, door not shutting properly, or anything else that’s giving you troubles. We’ll take care of the problem for you!

Why Did It Do This?

There could honestly be several reasons why your oven gave out. Troubleshooting the situation is the best solution and we can help do that for you. There could be problems with the gas line being frayed or damaged, or an igniter could be failing you. All we ask from you, if this is a heating element that needs to be repaired, do not repair it yourself!

DIY repairs are pretty popular right now, but just know, even if you think you’re saving money by doing this you’re not; Especially if it’s a major problem that needs to be handled differently. We have tools in our toolbox that are specialized for these kinds of issues, and I guarantee, you probably don’t have them in your toolbox. It’s not about the items being expensive it’s how our team members know how to expertly use them. We just ask you to rethink doing it on your own and just call one of our specialists.

Common Problems, Troubleshoot

Not Heating Properly

A faulty igniter is usually always the culprit for an oven not heating properly, and/or a damaged heating element. The range is probably also failing to light and this could mean the gas line is faulty. If you smell gas at all you should exit your building and call us so we can help you.

If it is the igniter or heating element that’s causing you a headache you should let our technicians come out and help.

Door Malfunctioned

The door sensor is probably the reason why it’s not shutting properly. It could have been damaged or the springs aren’t working. These can be fixed by replacing the parts.

Self-Clean Isn’t Activated

If you own an oven with a self-cleaning cycle that probably means you need a new door locking motor, install a thermostat, or the control panel needs to be adjusted.


Should I Replace My Oven

An oven has one of the longest life expectancy when it comes to appliances. I bet you didn’t know that! If you take care of your oven properly you could be with it for at least 15 years, however, if you’ve had one long, you should be on the lookout for a newer model. What we can do is help install it for you!

If you need a new oven or you need an oven to be repaired we’re the company for you. Just give us a call so we can come on out there!