Freezer Repair

Freezers are amazing appliances that are so simple and yet will always be something crucial we need in our lives. It’s a shame when they finally give out and need to be fixed. Let’s say that your freezer is no longer working and you need someone to repair it. That’s when you call Chuck’s Appliance Repair!

Fixing the device on your own is tempting, however, it’s not the best solution. The device itself is very simple, however deep down; there are a lot of interlocking parts. If you damage these parts you could be out a lot of money replacing it.

Here are a few signs that will show your freezer isn’t working.

The Freezer Is Making Strange Noises

Are you hearing some pretty interesting noises coming from your freezer that’s pretty much scaring you? Those noises are terrifying because they’re so audible and different, which means, you should be concerned with your evaporator coil.

Too Much Frost

Brrr, it’s cold! There’s too much frost all in your freezer and that probably means your temperature is set pretty low. Make sure your temperature isn’t set below 0°F. If you’re still noticing that it’s everywhere you should look around at where it’s forming. Has the frost taken over the door? That could mean the door isn’t shutting and sealing properly. The gasket probably needs to be replaced, or the defroster needs to be checked. If the back wall is only frosty, then it’s probably the defrost cycle is messing up.


Leaky Freezer

Determining if the problem is serious means you need to check to see how much water is spilling from your freezer. If you notice that there’s not a lot of water that just means an ice cube dropped. If there’s a lot of water something is blocked, or, a valve and/or waterline is corrupted.

Also, take into consideration the condensation that is taking place.

Not Working At All

If you notice that there is power just leave it alone and give us a call. If you see that there’s absolutely no power, check to see if the outlet is the problem. Is it plugged correctly? Do you need to switch the cord to another outlet?

The controls probably need to be replaced if all else fails. Just keep the freezer closed and give us a call!


Just Not Cold Enough

Make sure you adjust the temperature so that it’s 0°F. If it’s higher than that then just turn it down. If you notice a problem still try checking to see if the freezer has too much food in it. If it does, adjust it, because having an overfilled freezer is just as bad as having a freezer with nothing in it.

You should strive to keep a freezer at 75% to 80% full. If it’s not full the air will circulate better. Avoid covering the vents and make sure that it’s packed evenly.

You also should make sure that the freezer isn’t in the wrong spot. By that, we mean the freezer should be in an environment that’s 55°F and 110°F. If the area is against the odds with an environment that’s too hot or too cold it will constantly be battling.

The thermostat is the last solution if all else fails. There could be something wrong with that.

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Guessing games are tedious and if you would rather have the professionals come out and fix your device, simply give us a call, so we can come to help you out!