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About Us

Chuck’s Appliance Repair is the #1 rated repair company in Del City, Oklahoma. All of our techs have years of experience and familiarity with all major brands and appliances.

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Chuck’s Appliance Repair


Our Appliance Repair Services

Let’s see what the problem is. Your ice machine isn’t working properly and your dishwasher is giving you trouble. If you’re having issues with your appliances then you should give Chuck’s Appliance Repair a call so we can help you out!

We are the top choice for you when it comes to repairing appliances because we offer great rates, as well as, providing you with a great service. Here’s some of the reason why we are the best here in Del City, OK:

  • Perfection is something we strive for, so just know, you’ll always get the best service
  • Everyone on our team has the credentials to deliver quality work
  • We’re punctual, meaning if you want us at the house at 10 AM we WILL be there
  • All the brands on the market we have experience working with
  • We’ll work fast and hard so you’re thoroughly impressed
  • Our rates are very fair
  • We will always back up our work and will give you our guarantee that we will do a great job


Appliances we can work on in Oklahoma:

What we can fix:

  • Dishwashers, no problem.
  • Refrigerators, easy.
  • Icemaker isn’t working?
  • Freezer driving you crazy?
  • What about that washing machine?
  • Don’t even get me started on the oven.


The process:

In the beginning, we will come and assess the problem. All you have to do is tell us when to arrive, and we will show up. Our top-notch technician will check out the appliance and see what’s the problem. He can also check out if there’s anything else that needs to be fixed and let you know.


After he has gone over the problems that are addressed he will give you a fair quote. All of our technicians are industry specialists and can provide an accurate and fair quote.


If your appliance is too damaged and needs to be removed we can give you advice on what steps are necessary next. We want you to save your money and find other alternatives to getting that appliance fixed. The tech will also let you know if you need to take any other additional steps to fix your appliance.



It wasn’t easy trying to snag that number one spot here in Del City, OK. Trust us when we say there are some fantastic companies out there. We know that we need to prove that we are the best—that starts with building strong connections with our clients.

How have we done this? We treat our clients as if they belong in our family, or, are our friends. If we don’t like having terrible work in our own home, then why would we perform it, at your home? We wouldn’t and because of our methodology, we are considered the best.

We will always get the job done and offer you a great price.

We Repair All Appliances